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LC100 Modular Rear Bumper


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Whether you’re a rock-crawler seeking strength and improved departure angles or an overlander looking to keep weight down, we make a bumper for you. We offer our 100-series Land Cruiser rear bumper in steel or aluminum, so you can tailor your build for your needs. Both versions support all of our standard swing-out accessories which can be added now or at a later time.

Internally reinforced and gusseted to provide superior strength without having to use heavy gauge plate, it’s the engineering behind this bumper that really makes it shine. Engineered to distribute load throughout the entire bumper, away from the weld joints, and channel the force to the frame. The modular design not only offers excellent adjustability during installation but it also improves functionality and aesthetics. Since the rear bumper wings slide on from the side of the vehicle (versus a one piece bumper that has to be slid on from the rear) we are able to close off and reinforce the bumper at the wheel well more effectively. Not only does this strengthen the bumper it also limits debris from collecting inside the bumper.

Our optional swing-out accessories and dual sheer hinge design really set us ahead of the pack when it comes to ease-of-use and reliability. The dual shear hinge makes a more rigid swing-arm that doesn’t rattle and requires less space, making for a higher clearance bumper.

Our swing-outs are truly easy-open, gas strut assisted so they'll never close on you, and even easier to close with our slam-shut design. We have fitted these swing-outs to hundreds of Land Cruisers across the United States so you can explore with confidence knowing you have a tried and true solution.

Fits 1998-2007 Toyota Land Cruiser & Lexus LX 470

Key Benefits:

  • Class-leading strength without the weight.
  • Reinforced with ¼” steel frame brackets
  • Integrated ½” steel recovery points (aluminum version gets steel recovery points underneath)
  • Optimally bumper corners for superior departure angles in real-world wheeling scenarios
  • 2” hitch receiver (While not SAE tested, it is designed to meet or exceed factory standards)
  • In-bumper reverse lights & 7-pin trailer plug come standard
  • 40/40 dual swing arms allow easy opening in tight spaces, even when towing
  • Modular design
  • 100% designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA
  • Comes with high-quality Grade 8/Grade 10.9 hardware kit

Steel: 3/16” steel plate with ¼” steel frame brackets, and ½” steel recovery points
Aluminum: 1/4” 5052 Aluminum with ¼” steel frame brackets, and ½” steel recovery points

Steel: 158 lbs
Aluminum: 98lbs

Weight is for a fully powder coated item including all hardware and accessories.

Steel: DS-LC100-MRB-109-ST
Aluminum: DS-LC100-MRB-109-AL

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