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Combo Lights - Stop / Turn / Reverse combination LED

Dissent Off-road

LED rear combination lamps are a versatile slimline solution! Features Stop/Tail, Indicator & Reverse functions all in a super slimline package. Designed for applications where space is at a premium, they deliver the durability of maintenance-free LED technology and greater visibility providing increased safety.  Combination lamps produce more light output than incandescent lamps whilst drawing a fraction of the current. Constructed with durable polycarbonate lenses and housings, these lamps are dust & waterproof, and totally maintenance-free with a lifespan rated at 100,000hrs. 
  • Compact slimline LED combination lamp
  • Multi-volt 10-30V DC input & low current draw
  • Brighter than conventional incandescent systems
  • 100,000 hour LED life span with solid-state technology
  • Maintenance-free
  • Sealed polycarbonate lens & housing
  • Integrated reverse function
  • Simple surface mount design

Ground - White
Stop - Red
Tail/Running- Brown
Indicator - Green or Yellow
Reverse - Black

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