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LC200 Full Replacement Modular Front Bumper (2016+)



*Bull bar not included

The 2016+ Land Cruiser is the pinnacle of 200-series development so we felt it needed the ultimate front bumper for aggressive builds with oversized tires. Our full-replacement modular front bumper takes no prisoners with it’s aggressive fascia that transforms the look of the LC200 and greatly improves tire clearance and approach angles.

The LC200 platform is quite heavy which is why we have taken an aluminum/steel hybrid approach to our entire product line for the 200-series. The Full Replacement Modular Front Bumper body is made from ¼” 5052 aluminum plate. Our internally reinforced design channels force away from the weld joints and into the frame via frame brackets which are made from 1/4” steel. This hybrid approach is unique to Dissent and strength not weight has become our ethos when designing armor.

Customize to fit your build: Modular Light Plates
Part of our strength not weight philosophy means we look to cut weight everywhere. Since the bumper is internally reinforced/gusseted we can actually remove large amounts of material from the face to reduce weight. For aesthetic reasons we cover the front of the bumper with panels we call Light Plates. Light Plates are made from lightweight ⅛” aluminum and complete the look of a solid plate bumper without the weight. Light Plates also offer the perfect opportunity to integrate a variety of lighting options with each one being perfectly cut for that light. No more trying to fit a square light in a round hole, we cut the Light Plates perfectly for a clean look. There are six different Light Plates available for the LC200, all of which support the factory parking sensor.

Our most popular Fog Light:
Rigid Industries 6” SAE Fog Lights

Fits: 2016+ Toyota Land Cruiser

Product Features:

  • Superior quality and craftsmanship, we proudly display our welds
  • Class-leading strength without the weight. Our plate bumper is made from ¼” 5052 aluminum with strategic gusseting for strength.
  • Reinforced with steel frame brackets
  • Lightweight
  • 100% designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA
  • Integrated recovery points & winch ready (can fit most 8-12.5k non-integrated winches)
  • Integrated Light options
  • Modular design
  • Supports factory parking sensors & headlight washers
  • 100% designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA
  • Comes with high-quality Grade 8/Grade 10.9 hardware kit

    1/4” 5052 Aluminum with ¼” steel frame brackets

    103 lbs


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