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Tire Carrier Swing-out


Lug Pattern:

Our most popular swing-out is the Tire Carrier which features a hidden flip-up table and offers adjustability for the tilt angle of the spare plus back and forth to accommodate a range of wheel offsets. The Tire Carrier comes in a Land Cruiser 5-lug and 6-lug version and can be specified either driver side or passenger side. For the U.S. market we find putting the tire carrier on the driver side provides the best visibility if you plan to run dual swings.

License Plate Light & HiLift Jack Mount sold separately

We have not been been able to source a quality license plate light, so we have now decided to make one in house that can be added to your order when selecting options.

Dissent Swing-out System
The Dissent Swing-out system is the most innovative swing-arm solution on the market today. It was developed to withstand the toughest trails yet be user-friendly and easy-to-use. The key to a good swing-arm design is to make it rigid enough so it doesn’t shake or rattle off-road. We found that standard steel tubing was insufficient in it’s rigidity or too heavy so we designed our swing-arm to strike the perfect balance of weight and rigidity. Through many iterations and testing we landed on our current swing-arm design that has been fitted to hundreds of Land Cruisers across the U.S.A. 

Key Features:

  • Easy-open, gently push the arm forward and it unlatches with ease
  • Slam-shut design: push it closed and it auto-latches, It’s that easy
  • Dual shear hinge allows for a narrower bumper profile over a traditional weld-in spindle
  • Gas strut assisted, ensures they never unintentionally close
  • Tested off-road to be free of unwanted shakes and rattles
  • All swing-outs can be fitted passenger or driver side
  • Land Cruiser swing-outs fit: LC80/100/200 & GX 470

Swing-arm: 3/16” Steel
Tire Carrier: 3/16 Aluminum & 3/16” Steel



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