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LC100 Skid Plates



The Dissent Skid Plate System for the LC100 is the epitome of our strength not weight philosophy, as the already heavy 100-series doesn’t need more weight. We made a smarter skid system made of lightweight 5052 aluminum that could withstand heavy off-road use due to our use of strategic gusseting. In a category often thought of as simple, our skid plates are anything but. Careful thought was put into reinforcing every critical area to create a skid plate system that performs in real world conditions. 

Airflow is another consideration we factored when designing our system, ensuring the engine and critical areas like the catalytic converter get appropriate airflow to operate within specification. On top of the ventilation ports we also provide key access holes for service areas, and together all the openings combat suction in mud or deep snow. For cruisers that live in an urban environment our skid plate system is a great deterrent for areas with high catalytic converter theft.

Fits 1998-2007 Toyota Land Cruiser & Lexus LX 470

Key Benefits:

  • Simple front skid removal for service
  • Easy access to u-joint and slip yoke maintenance
  • Compatible with a 1” diff drop or no diff drop
  • 100% designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA
  • Comes with high-quality Grade 8/Grade 10.9 hardware kit

NOTE: Skids come in raw aluminum and do not require powder coating, but can be powder coated by request. Due to the nature of using a raw material there may be surface blemishes from handling and manufacturing. If you want a perfect finish we recommend you have the skids powder coated.

¼” 5052 aluminum plate

88lbs (estimated)


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