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LC100/lx470 Ultra-high Clearance Modular Front Bumper



Fits 100-series Land Cruiser and LX 470, bull bar sold separately. (LX bull bar is still unreleased)

The third iteration of the Dissent LC100 front has arrived, it is largely similar to V2 but with a slimmer center section and it now comes with an included tie-in skid. The bumper wings remain unchanged aesthetically but are now pre-drilled for bull bar support. The Land Cruiser bull bar is available for purchase now, and the LX 470 bull bar is forthcoming.

Ultra-high clearance, high-strength, lightweight, and killer aesthetics in one amazing package. We set out to make the best 100-series bumper, one that could withstand the toughest off-road conditions and prove armor doesn’t have to be big and bulky to be strong. This bumper is a direct evolution of our “original” front bumper for the LC 100. We improved the clearance, made it lighter, strengthened it, and the look has inspired our entire Land Cruiser line of bumpers.

The bumper is internally reinforced/gusseted giving it superior strength without the weight typically associated with plate bumpers. Our modular design gives you additional adjustment capabilities in the install process over single piece bumpers to ensure a perfect every time. 

The modular design allows an assortment of auxiliary lighting options inside bumper wings themselves. The bumper wings are covered by panels called light plates which can be blank (no lights) or they can be cut-out for specific lights with six different options. The bumper will fit most 8.5-12.5k non-integrated winches and comes with a control box relocation bracket for COMEUP winches.

Bumper options:
Land Cruiser Bull Bar
LX 470 Bull Bar (forthcoming)
Mid-height stinger/hoop
Flip-up license plate mount for easy winch access.
Bullet Lights as turn signals on LX470.

Fits 1998-2007 Toyota Land Cruiser & Lexus LX 470

LX470 Owners
LX470 turn signals are in the factory front bumper and will be eliminated with the install of our bumper. We recommend our Bullet Lights to be used as a turn signal on the LX. Alternatively there is a DIY on how to convert your corner markers to turn signals on the LX470.

Key Benefits:

  • Class-leading strength without the weight, strategically gusseted for strength.
  • Reinforced with ¼” steel frame brackets
  • Lightweight - Even in steel
  • Integrated recovery points 
  • Winch ready (can fit most 8-12.5k non-integrated winches), comes with COMEUP winch control box relocation bracket
  • Modular design
  • 100% designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA
  • High-quality Grade 8/Grade 10.9 hardware kit

Steel: 10 gauge steel plate with ¼” steel frame brackets

Steel: 95lbs

Steel: DS-LC100-UHCMFB-102-ST

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