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LC200 Skid Plates


Land Cruiser Type:

We are taking orders for the 200 series skid plates with an estimated lead time of 4-8 weeks (2/29/24)


Our three-piece skid set for the LC200/LX570 offer maximum protection without the weight by being completely made from 1/4" 5052 Aluminum.  Our skids are gusseted and reinforced to withstand serious trail duty.

If you already own a Dissent front bumper make sure to note it in the check out comments.

We have confirmed fitment of the three piece skid on the LX 570 (see note below)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The third rearmost skid comes with additional stiffener brackets. We have found that a small number of LC200/LX570 do not have threaded holes and cannot install these stiffeners, however the skid will still install without the stiffeners.

¼” 5052 aluminum plate


LC200 3-piece: DS-LC200-SKD-201-AL
LX 2-piece: DS-LC200-LXSKD-202-AL

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