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Lexus LX600 Alpine Lifestyle Concept

Lexus LX600 Alpine Lifestyle Concept

Dissent Lexus LX600 rear off-road bumper

Dissent Off-road is proud to be a primary lead on the Lexus LX600 Alpine Lifestyle Concept that debuted at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) trade show in 2022 at the Lexus USA booth. This Lexus project is the brainchild of Hiraku Co who brought on initial build partners such as Yeti, TrekboxX, Jaos, BFGoodrich, Vossen, and ARB. When it came to armor and build they reached out to Dissent Off-road, America’s leading manufacturer of Land Cruiser armor. With the LX600 being the closest the United States market gets to the 300-series Land Cruiser, Dissent was a perfect fit with their ability to rapidly prototype and deliver final concepts in a short timeline from their manufacturing facility in Colfax, CA. Time was a key ingredient as Dissent and their partners had two weeks to put the build together for an initial preview event well ahead of SEMA.

Dissent and Stellar Built Lexus LX 600

Dissent Off-road’s build partner Stellar Built was brought on for their expertise in building off-road Toyotas, Rigid Industries for the best light package, Agency 6 for winch and roof rack accessories, and COMEUP Winch for their dependable Seal Gen2 12.5RS winch. Stellar Built took lead on electronics, wheels, tires, and accent wraps with the Dissent team focused on design and manufacture of production quality front and rear bumpers, side steps, and a roof rack.

Lexus LX600 in Dissent Off-road

For the front armor Lexus and Dissent were keen on preserving as much of the commanding F-Sport grill but also improving approach angle and tire clearance. Meant to be an overland style front bumper, Dissent managed to improve tire clearance by 6” immediately improving the truck's off-road prowess. The 10 gauge steel plate used in the bumper is capable of taking rock strikes and protects the front-end while housing an extremely capable winch from COMEUP that is waterproof and comes with a wireless remote control. The winch line sports an Agency 6 Billet Winch Shackle that allows for closed-loop pulls providing a greater margin of safety. The key to Dissent’s armor is its modular nature and smart mix of materials to maximize strength while keeping the weight down. The bumper is gusseted and internally reinforced using 10 gauge steel plate and bolts to the frame using two sets of ¼” steel frame brackets to give it strength and channel all forces directly through the frame rails.

Dissent LX600 front bumper with Rigid, Agency 6, COMEUP winch

Dissent teamed up with Rigid to mimic the triple beam optics of the LX600’s headlight with their SR-M SAE fog lights used in triplet inside each bumper wing. Rigid deployed their SR-series SAE 30” light bar for the center of the bumper due to its SAE compliance making it legal for on-road use along with the SR-M fog lights. The team deployed SR-L spreader lights from Rigid in the rear of the bumper and also in the roof rack for camp scene lighting.

Dissent LX600 front bumper with triple Rigid fog lights

Dissent Lexus LX600 roof rack with Yeti LoadOut boxes

For the roof rack Dissent sought out to maintain the integrated factory roof rails but provide a true overland style rack that can handle rigorous off-road use. Dissent finds the aluminum extrusions found in many off-road racks lacked the rigidity required for tough off-road use. That is why Dissent developed their own 5052 aluminum cross bar that offers superior rigidity and advantages like being able to through-bolt items to the rack. The Dissent rack features billet aluminum handles from Agency 6 and complemented by Agency 6’s aluminum shovel. Rigid Industries Adapt Light Bar in the front fairing and all other lights are controlled by a SwitchPro that was expertly integrated into the build by Stellar Built. Stellar Built expertly ran all the complex electrical wiring that included the multiple sets of dual-mode SR-L spreader lights from Rigid to provide scene lighting while camping and their rock light kit to light up the trail.

Dissent steps being installed

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